Sponsorship Opportunities

Yeronga Yabbies Masters Swimming has a few sponsorship opportunities available:


Shade Tent: A shade tent is required for the squad as many pools we visit have limited shade. Often times we crowd under other team tents or just suffer in the sun. The sponsor for this tent will provide the tent with their branding screen printed on three sides and Yeronga’s name on one side.

Visibility of the Shade Tent: Your brand will be viewed by 50 to 500 people every time we use it (roughly once per month). You will also be able to provide your logo for our website as a sponsor.



Polo Shirts: Yeronga currently has sport shirts for use with three current sponsor logos on the back. We would like to smarten up with polo shirts that can be worn not just at the pool, but at other events. Sponsorship is available for the following:

1 Sleeve – 2 available – left and right

1 on Back – 4 available – total of 4 will be accepted

Visibility of your Logo – Yeronga Masters will wear this shirt at Master’s events, community events, kid’s sports and school events. We will endeavour to take as many photos of our people sporting your logo and post on social media and on our website.

You will also be able to provide your logo for our website as a sponsor.

Contact us at swim@yerongamasters.org for more information.

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